Spy Bahu 22nd August 2022

Spy Bahu 22nd August 2022

Television entertainer Sana Sayyad discusses her process in everyday cleanser and furthermore makes reference to how questions versus her significant other’s solace with her calling stinks of hawkishness.

Entertainer Sana Sayyad concedes she is “touchy and profound”, very much like her personality Sejal in Spy Bahu. Be that as it may, she doesn’t “experience passionate feelings for without any problem” very much like her on-screen character. “I’m not a head over heels love individual, mujhe all consuming, instant adoration kabhi hua hello there nahi, with the exception of Shah Rukh Khan (snickers),” Sayyad says.

Inquire as to whether it was not all-consuming, instant adoration with her better half Imaad Shamsi and she exposes the fantasy. “We’ve been together since school. That time also, I wasn’t into him, nor was he. We then came in the very circle and that is the manner by which we associated once more,” she shares. The two got hitched on June 25 last year. Indeed, even before they could finish a year, Sayyad is beat with questions like, ‘How have things changed after marriage? “Everyone continues to ask me that. I could do without when individuals inquire as to whether your better half is OK with you working. That question is bizarre and is extremist. I’m not playing the fool for him to dislike it. Also, he knew that I’m an entertainer. So I don’t get it,” Sayyad mourns.

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Telecast Date: 22nd August 2022
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot
Video Source : Standard Video Licence

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