Pishachini 22nd August 2022

Pishachini 22nd August 2022

In the realm of Naagins, Daayans, Witches, and everything evil yet ‘attractive’, here is Pishachini getting added to the rundown. Colors TV in the wake of ‘selling dazzling snakes’, particularly “Ichchadhaari” ones to the crowd, are presenting gorgeous witches also known as Pishachinis.

The narrative of an evil maid ‘so not’ in trouble, how she is the sole justification for a number of grisly passings in her space, and her approach to enthralling individuals with her magnificence just to terrify them, fundamentally framed the primary episode of the show.

The episode starts with a delightful lady meandering alone in the backwoods, wearing her quintessential ‘loathsomeness ensemble’- an all-white currently hung saree. In the meantime, in the city, an affluential group of Rathores is seen offering petitions at a hawan.

The family is confused when the cleric illuminates them about the presence of a Pishachini on the land where the family is performing pooja.

Slice to a monstrous Pischini assault on the overseer of the land who commits a grave slip-up by not heeding the guidance of individuals against the presence of the detestable witch.

The cleric shows up there however Pishachini assaults him also utilizing dark sorcery, yet the heavenly chain worn by the minister safeguards him. The cleric begins reciting a mantra and with all his heavenly powers, catches Pishachini in a classic box. A furious however certain Pishachini promises to get back to look for vengeance and get her territory back.

The cleric puts the container in a pit and cautions the group of how the Pishachini can mesmerize anybody utilizing her dark wizardry to open the case and set herself free. He cautions the family to constantly keep this container shut under all conditions.

In any case, very much like each family, or rather every sensational family, the Rathores also have their in-house ‘Khatron Ke Khiladis’, Pratik and Amrita who anticipate that the Pishachini should satisfy their desires and wants as opposed to killing them!

The family is in for shock when they see the case alongside Pratik and Amrita missing. The minister gives the family a red sack for their security from Pishachini and leaves before another assault.

Slice to 20 years after the fact, a young man Rocky in his mid-20s is seen riding a bicycle.

What follows next is his wicked yet innocuous tricks. He is the star of the school something else for his attractive features and sacrificial nature.

In the wake of aiding and meeting his day’s quantity of good work, a drained Rocky gets back to a quarrel in the midst of relatives. He hears Bauji discuss their 20-year-old difficulty and considers what’s really going on with the secret. Somewhere else, Pishachini who is by all accounts generally set for an assault in the wake of 20-monotonous years chuckles malevolence and says that the Rathore family needs to get back to her at any expense. The episode closes with a little kid offering her requests to Lord Hanuman.

The show stars Nyra Banerjee, Jiya Shankar and Harsh Rajput leading the pack.

Indeed, the storyline, the portrayal, VFX, illustrations, and also the idea aren’t anything that Indian Television watchers haven’t seen previously! Dark enchantment, White sarees, weighty make-up, vengeance looking for a show, essentially comparable discoursed, and significantly very gorgeous witches is a finished till-death idea.

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Telecast Date: 22nd August 2022
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot
Video Source : Standard Video Licence

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