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Bollyfuntv For The Latest Tv News Akshara tells she won’t forsake any family as both the families are hers. Manjiri tells that Akshara can’t pick a side and Mahima asks her not to continue to help Akshara generally. Mahima tells that Manisha was her sister by marriage and requests that she leave. Anand requests that Akshara give space to Mahima.

Bollyfuntv For The Latest Tv News – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Eighteenth August 202

In the present episode, Akshara cries and tells that they shouldn’t allow Kairav to be captured on the grounds that he’s blameless and he could never hurt Anisha. Manisha requests that she side with Kairav assuming she needs to and inquires as to whether she needs to leave them. She tells that regardless of what she needs equity for Anisha.

Akshara cries huge and texts Abhimanyu that she will go to her maternal home and come later. Aarohi calls her and she overreacts. Manish cries and tells that Kairav is guiltless and trusts Akshara persuaded the Birlas about the equivalent. Akshara comes and starts to sob uncontrollably. She embraces Manish and cries. Abhimanyu and Parth return home. Anand tells that Mahima’s BP changed. Abhimanyu tells they might have requested that Akshara sing for her. Mahima tells that she went to her home and they need to acknowledge that and leave it.

Aarohi tells she doesn’t have any idea why something like this is occurring to Kairav. Vansh tells that they ought to be solid for him. Akshara concurs and tells Kairav that generally trained them to have confidence. Dr. Kunal calls Abhimanyu and tells them that he’s leaving the nation and will plan the medical procedure later and gives his sympathies for Anisha’s end. Akshara returns and Abhimanyu says thanks to her. Mahima tells that Akshara isn’t their ally and tells him she will break their trust soon.
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