Bolly Fun TV News Naagin Written Update Pratha Makes a Promise to Guard Her Country

Bolly Fun TV News Naagin Written Update Pratha Makes a Promise to Guard Her Country

Bolly Fun TV News Naagin Written Update Pratha Makes a Promise to Guard Her Country

bolly fun tv report the present Naagin episode, Pratha breaks the enclosure utilizing her power. Pratha says nobody can isolate her from her girl. She swears that she will get the liable rebuffed. Pratha questions Shiv Ji why he is causing her to get undermined when she did the right things. She requests that Shiv Ji responds to her. Pratha’s third eye gets opened. She breaks every one of the trees out of resentment. Individuals get terrified seeing the toofan. Auntie asks Rajesh where his better half went right now. Pandit says this toofan may be a direct result of the displeasure of Shesh Naag or Naagin. Pratha arrives at home and looks for her adversaries. The teacher asks why Shesh Naagin isn’t accepting his sign. Mehek sees the sign and lets Urvashi know that she will not go to meet the teacher this time and he doesn’t realize we are offenders. Pratha comes to meet the Professor. He feels glad to realize she is invigorated. He makes her meet his little girls Anmol and Prarthana. Pratha lets him know that her girl will be like them. She lets him know how Mehek undermined her.

Then, at that point, in Naagin, the teacher tells Mehek didn’t come here even after she conveyed her message. Pratha says she is gotten together with foes. The teacher enlightens her regarding the assault which will occur on Aug 15. Pratha pledges to safeguard her nation and chooses to get her payback. Pratha gets back. Rajesh cautions her about the risk and tells her that Rehan and Ritesh’s dead bodies are found. Pratha says risks are not new to her. She lets him know that assault will occur in Kedarnath. Major illuminates Minister that their genuine official is alive. Rishabh meets them. Pratha carries out Rishabh’s responsibility as well. Serve asks how he is alive. Rishabh lets them know how the auditor passed on instead of him. He says he won’t allow psychological militants to play with their country. The Minister and Major head feel cheerful.

At Kedarnath sanctuary, Mehek requests that Reem act regularly in Naagin. She confesses to her she will open the mysterious entryway whenever she gets an opportunity. Urvashi accepts Mehek’s message that they arrived at Kedarnath sanctuary. Urvashi lets Zain know that they can make an impact at the pastor’s gathering. Rishabh and Pratha are in the Kedarnath sanctuary yet they didn’t see one another. Pratha appeals to God to invigorate her and save her country. She covers herself in a wrap. She remembers trying to not allow anybody to enter the nation through the burrow. Mehek opens the passage entryway. Urvashi and Zain emerge from it with their group. Rishabh follows Pratha expecting a swindler. She escapes without allowing him to see her and she doesn’t see his face. Zain takes out the bombs. He requests that Mehek place one bomb in the gathering place. Mehek sneaks to that spot and is going to put it yet Rishabh stops her. Mehek gets stunned seeing him and inquires as to whether he is alive.

Later in Naagin, Urvashi goes out to consider Reem when she isn’t in the organization. Pratha finds Zain men who are going to make an impact. She kills them. Urvashi gets stunned seeing the fire blast. She contemplates who made it happen. Pratha contacts her shoulder. Does Urvashi ask how she is alive? As Mehek Say her that she is dead. Pratha says God will determine the destiny of individuals, not Mehek. Urvashi implores her to leave her. She takes a blade and attempts to go after Pratha. Pratha stops her and assaults her. Rishabh shares with Mehek that she will now be taken to jail and a trooper is before her. Mehek attempts to get away however he stops her by pointing his weapon at her. Urvashi lets Pratha know that she can’t kill her and she can’t stand her loved ones. Pratha expresses you’re before your mouth and she won’t allow you to leave for making my sister against me. Urvashi says Mehek detests you as you become Shesh Naagin.

Finally in Naagin, Pratha says she didn’t wish to become Shesh Naagin however Shiv Ji picks her and not Mehek as Mehek is abhorrent. Urvashi says she can’t kill Mehek as she is Naag Rani. She advises Pratha to kill her. Pratha says she won’t kill you yet your revile can kill you. She requests that Urvashi come to her Naagin structure. Urvashi gets terrified. Rishabh focuses a firearm on Mehek. Mehek uncovers to Rishabh that Pratha conveyed a child and she feels you’re the most ideal justification behind her child’s passing which redirects Rishabh’s consideration. Mehek takes the weapon from him. She hits him and makes him oblivious. bolly fun tv Pratha leaves harmed Urvashi.

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