Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi twentieth August 2022 Written Update Malishka wins The Oberois find out about the wreck, and get stressed for their lodging notoriety. They supplicate that individuals get by over the basic food contamination. Neelam charges Lakshmi for the wreck. She tells that Lakshmi is truly unpropitious for the family. She adds that since Lakshmi got back home, they lost their bliss and harmony. Kiran is happy realizing the awful happening.

She lets Malishka know that at last she has eliminated the thistle from her loved ones. Lakshmi and Rishi get back. Lakshmi attempts to make sense of him. He requests that she shut up. He brings it over. He tells that their relationship is finished, he is eliminating her from the house and his life too. He tells that their connection is over from now. Lakshmi cries tears, while Malishka gets excited. Is this Malishkas dream that Rishi removed Lakshmi from the house? Continue to peruse.

Prior in the show, Ayush brings Lakshmi home. Karishma insults Lakshmi for her triumph. She requests that Lakshmi celebrate subsequent to destroying their family name. Lakshmi tells that she prepared the food securely and actually look at all that prior to serving to the pundits. Neelam tells that off-base occurs around her, in view of her awful destiny. Ayush safeguards Lakshmi. He accepts that she can never foul up. He tells that he was likewise at the inn when this occurred, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how this occurred and who did it. Virender asks him not to stress. Neelam asks him how might he fix up things. She lets him know that their family name and regard will be destroyed completely. She asks Virender not to help Lakshmi. She yells on Ayush when he tells that its not Lakshmi’s mix-up.

Bhagya Lakshmi twentieth August 2022 Written Update Malishka wins:

Ayush tells that Lakshmi did nothing off-base, he was with her. Neelam requests that Malishka get her telephone. Malishka thinks she is being dealt with like a house cleaner. She needs to wed Rishi. Neelam demands Ayush to quit supporting Lakshmi. She asks him how might he protect Lakshmi when he has seen everything before his eyes. She tells that Lakshmi made the food which had poison in it. She asks Ayush to simply quiet down and pay attention to her. She shouts at Lakshmi. She inquires as to whether she did this purposely to get back at the family. Malishka checks columnist Uday’s approach Neelam’s telephone. She answers the call. Uday tells that he had come to the medical clinic to cover the news.

He tells that he needed to demand her, he believes a restrictive meeting should clear his inn’s picture. Malishka talks as Neelam and reprimands him. She believes that the inn should lose the name. She maddens him so he defames the inn name further. She tells that her Bahu Lakshmi just committed an error. She inquires as to whether he needs cash or exposure for his paper. He tells that he was trying to say this to help her. She undermines him. She requests that he show what he can do against her Bahu in the event that he can dare. She utilizes the potential chance to malign Lakshmi. Uday tells that he was conversing with her pleasantly, however Neelam showed him much disposition. He considers drawing out Lakshmi’s name. Mayank requests that the specialist save every one of the patients.

The columnists get some information about the food contamination case. Specialist requests that they excuse him and allow him to go about his responsibilities. Uday meets the Inspector. He tells that Lakshmi Oberoi has been thoughtless in her work, the food had poison in it, Lakshmi is liable for this wreck. Controller goes to converse with the specialist. Uday tells that he will show the media capacity to Neelam and break her inner self, presently Lakshmi will bear the discipline. He informs the crowd concerning the episode. He faults Lakshmi for it. Shalu and Neha see the news. Shalu gets stressed for her sister. She shields Lakshmi. Neha doesn’t trust her.

Rishi sees the news and becomes stressed. He calls Lakshmi. He needs to know the matter. Karishma denounces Lakshmi for gravely ruining their business and notoriety. Lakshmi doesn’t accept her call. Rishi trusts all is great. Neelam tells that she needs to throw out Lakshmi from the house. Malishka gets the telephone to Neelam, and tells them that it was anything but a call ring, yet a message tone. Ayush suspects Malishka. Neelam flies off the handle on Lakshmi. Ayush tells that even Malishka was there. Malishka asks him not to fault her. He requests that she let them know that Lakshmi really buckled down, she did nothing off-base. Malishka concedes that Lakshmi buckled down, however, it turned out badly.

Neelam requests that she supplicate that they don’t lose their regard. Sonia asks her not to stress, Rishi and Virender will deal with things. Virender guarantees Neelam that things will get fine. Lakshmi stresses for individuals’ lives and requests that Virender call Mayank once, assuming individuals are protected. He tells that he accepts her, she can never commit an error, and her concern is certifiable. He confides in her and guarantees that he is with her. Neelam reproves Lakshmi. Lakshmi separates into tears. Ayush consoles her. Kiran gladly embraces Malishka. She tells that Malishka has at last eliminated Lakshmi from her life.

Rishi removes Lakshmi from the house, expressing that his confidence in Lakshmi is finished. He eliminates her from his life as well and pushes her externally to the entryway. Lakshmi requests that he pay attention to her once. Malishka dreams of this. She tells Kiran that Rishi ought to make Lakshmi out of the house, then she will not have any extent of return. Kiran inquires as to whether Rishi would do this. Malishka tells that he cherishes his standing and family more than Lakshmi, he will remove Lakshmi. Kiran tells that she is expecting Rishi and Malishka’s marriage soon. Malishka tells that the marriage will occur. Lakshmi cries at some corner.

Ayush tells her that she can do anything when it comes to Rishi, she is a superwoman, and she can do anything for him, this is a little difficulty they are confronting, but they will deal with it without any problem. He safeguards her. She tells that countless individuals are hospitalized on account of her, she needs to apologize to them. He asks her how did she respond that she will apologize. He asks her not to feel regretful. Kiran asks Malishka not to call Rishi, he shouldn’t have a clue about this. Malishka tells that he would know it some way or another. Kiran tells that Lakshmi will not have a method for remaining in the family. Malishka acclaims Kiran and herself. She tells that Lakshmi has constrained her to do something like this. Kiran asks her not to stress, and get ready to get hitched to Rishi. They see Neelam at the entryway.

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Telecast Date: 20th August 2022
Distributed By: Zee Tv And Zee5
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